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African Nonprofit Conference

Dr. Akosua K. Darkwah - Ghana

Akosua holds a doctorate degree in sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is currently a senior lecturer in the Department of Sociology at the University of Ghana. Broadly, her research interests are in the area of gender, globalization and the changing nature of work in the Ghanaian context. Over the past decade, she has investigated the implications of global economic policies for Ghanaian female traders of global consumer goods, Ghanaian female factory workers, Ghanaian domestic workers and currently Ghanaian trainees for oil sector jobs. She was also a member of the Research Consortium on Pathways of Women’s Empowerment, a DFID-funded project. As part of that project, she studied change and continuity in the lives of three generations of Ghanaian women. At the University of Ghana, she serves on various committees of the Centre for Gender Studies and Advocacy (CEGENSA) and is chair of the research committee of the Centre. She is also a member of the Ghana Studies Council and the African Studies Association, USA. In addition to being a steering committee member of NETRIGHT, she is a patron of the Ark Foundation, a Ghanaian NGO that works with survivors of domestic violence.


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