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Mrs. Dorcas Coker-Appiah - Ghana

Dorcas is the Executive Director of Gender Studies and Human Rights Documentation Centre (Gender Centre). She is a lawyer by profession with over 20 years’ experience working to promote women’s rights at national, regional and international levels. As one of the founding members of FIDA Ghana, she has been an active participant in all its activities since its inception in 1974, having served as vice President and then President from 1988 to 1989 and 1990 to 1991 respectively. She also served as the President of Legal Aid Steering Committee of FIDA and also the Project Coordinator of the Legal Literacy and Publication committee for a number of years. She is also a member of Women in Law and Development in Africa, WILDAF, a Pan-African network of organisations and individuals with members in twenty-six African countries and a founding member of WILDAF Ghana and currently the chairperson of the African Regional Board Director of WILDAF. She has also served as a resource person for a number of organizations across Ghana and other parts of Africa training in gender, human rights and leadership. She has a number of publications to her credit. Mrs. Dorcas Coker-Appiah is currently serving as a member of the CEDAW Committee in New York. She serves on a number of Boards including Ghana Legal Literacy and Resource Foundation (1994 to date) and WIPSEN-Africa. Dorcas has expertise in organisational development, fundraising, research and writing, project management and adult training methodologies. Dorcas is a founding member and the first Convenor of NETRIGHT.


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