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Ms. Adwoa Sakyi - Ghana

Adwoa is the deputy Convenor of NETRIGHT. She is a trade unionist and women’s rights activist who has been working in the labour front for over twenty years in the realm of women workers’ rights. She is currently the Coordinator of the IUF Africa Regional Women’s Project being implemented by the International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers’ Associations (IUF), which is a global Union federation of 336 Trade Unions in 120 Countries. As the Coordinator, she is responsible for coordinating and monitoring the project being implemented in 16 African countries. As a Woman Activist, she has been very instrumental in championing the cause of women in Ghana, Africa and the world over. The coming into being of the Ghana Women’s Manifesto has been one of her greatest results as a woman championing the cause of fellow women. Prior to her appointment as the Coordinator of the IUF Africa Regional Women’s Project, she was the Gender Officer of the General Agricultural Workers Union of Ghana Trade Union Congress. Adwoa is a stalwart in the area of Gender Equality within the society, work and union levels. She has been an ardent supporter of networking and coalition building efforts and has been active in initiatives such as the Network for Women’s Rights in Ghana (NETRIGHT) and a member of its Steering Committee, the Women’s Manifesto Coalition (WMC) and the Domestic Violence Coalition.


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