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1. Point of view

A blog post is often written in the first person using I or we. This fits into the narrative structure of the blog: you’re having a conversation with your readers, describing an episode in the life of your brand.

An article is almost always written in the third person, although scientific articles may use the first-person plural (we). This emphasizes the author’s objectivity as they present facts and reasoned arguments.

2. Voice or tone

In a nutshell, blog posts tend to be informal, casual, and conversational, whereas articles tend to be formal, professional, and discursive.

Your company’s blog is a way to build a relationship with your audience, helping them to understand the who behind the what while demonstrating your brand’s personality, goals, and interests.

Articles, on the other hand, are written for a technical audience, using a neutral and passive tone of voice to remove the author from consideration.

3. Where it’s published

Blogs have two objectives: to bring new customers to your website by appearing in search engine results, and to reinforce your relationship with existing customers. Both of these goals are served by publishing content on a company’s website, which is where you’ll find most blogs.

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