Press Release -NETRIGHT to Host the Biggest Feminist Conference in Ghana

The Network for Women’s Rights in Ghana (NETRIGHT) is all set to host its 2022 National Feminist Forum (NFF) on the theme, Enhancing Activism In The Women’s Movement: Mobilizing For Inclusion and Diversity. The two-day event is scheduled to take place on October 26 and 27, 2022 at 9am each day at Sunlodge Hotel in Accra.

The National Feminist Forum which also happens to be the 3rd edition being supported by Plan International Ghana with funding from Global Affairs Canada under the Women’s Voice and Leadership Project will provide an opportunity for participants to reflect on feminism and gender equality work. It will also discuss topical and emerging issues affecting feminists across different spaces and to build solidarity and strengthen momentum to push for a common feminist agenda.

According to the Programme Manager of NETRIGHT Patricia Blankson Akakpo, “In the struggle for women’s rights and gender equality, the demands of our time make it obligatory for us to continuously examine, scrutinize and interrogate processes that perpetuate existing structural inequalities that work to exclude women, girls and vulnerable groups from fully enjoying their fundamental human rights.”

“NETRIGHT in its quest to contribute to strengthening the women’s movement in Ghana provides space for feminist discourse through the hosting of the National Feminist Forum which brings together feminists with diverse background and interest to interrogate policies, discuss challenges facing the movement and agree on strategies to enhance women’s rights and gender equality work,” she added.

Madam Blankson Akakpo also noted that besides the in-person participation, NETRIGHT will leverage technology to enable feminists around the globe to join the forum virtually, therefore expecting about one thousand (1,000) participants.

The NFF will have presentations by key gender experts, breakout sessions as well as plenary discussions where participants get to interrogate topics such as ‘Advancing Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in Ghana: The Journey so far’, ‘Gender Equality in Public Life: Looking Beyond the Numbers’, ‘Re-assessing institutions mandated to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment’ among others.

Key outcomes of the NFF will be to have multiple forms of feminism and its implications for constructing a Ghanaian feminist identity explored, a clear and well-defined strategies to strengthen women’s mobilising and networking to push for gendered transformative changes, and an inclusive action plan for diversity and intergenerational collaboration in the promotion of women’s rights through a feminist agenda developed.



The Network for Women’s Rights in Ghana (NETRIGHT) is a network of civil society organisations and individuals who have a clear interest in working together to bring a gender perspective into national processes and advocate for policy change to strengthen women’s human rights. NETRIGHT aims to create spaces for debate, discussion, and clearer articulation of different positions within the Ghana women’s movement on women’s rights issues, as well as other national issues.



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